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Proudly licensed to show, sell and list all properties in and around the Smith Mountain Lake Region!

So, when you’re ready to buy or sell your piece of the Noreen Hartkern at Smith Mountain Lake!

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Aggressive and energetic, Noreen Hartkern is dedicated to helping clients with the highest standards of integrity. Sensitive to her clients’ unique circumstances, Noreen does what she can to eliminate the stresses often present in real estate transactions.

 She is an accomplished photographer, graphic artist and computer programmer who and understands the nuances of multi-media advertising and marketing, from web to newspaper. 

Customer Service and relocation savvy, Noreen can help you research the services needed to make your new home owning experience an organized one.



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Smith Mountain Lake, VA  Waterfront Homes 

Range From $600,000 - $6 Million

[Smith Mountain Lake Cottages $400K - $600K still  available!]


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